3M offers over 55,000 products used in many industries. I’ve partnered with 3M Health Care to optimize software and services to provide accurate health and billing information so clinicians can focus on patient care.


UX Research
UI Design
Interface Design


3M Company


January 2020 – September 2020


The design system purchased by the client did not live up to expectations. The statistics provided by hospitals and comments from physicians showed difficulties in filtering and entering data.


Based on the analysis of data received from the client, a new solution was developed, initially using low-detail mock-ups (LoFi). Subsequently we have focused on improving the design and implementing a new system design. After designing high-detail (HiFi) mock-ups, A/B tests were carried out on application users. The final versions of the views were handed over for programming under my supervision. Further work on the system and its constant development according to the scheme I proposed was based on positive feedback from the users.

UI elements

Final views