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Pioneer sustainable mobility for all.


Renault is Makolab's main customer. Within the partnership between both companies, my job is to provide broadly defined graphic designs. The tasks assigned to me are to help in creating propotional graphics, banners or the entire designs for Renault inc. It is one of the most difficult tasks in me entire career, because of the company's trademark and worldwide fame. It is also challenging because it involves working with multiple departments. That is why it also brings me a lot of satisfation and makes me really proud of what I do.

The reason you will love Sukcesja.


In cooperation with Makolab, my task was to create a website design for the newly established "Sukcesja". Through constant contact with the client and full cooperation within Makolab, we managed to create a modern website with various features that cannot be found in the pages of competing companies.

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Modern look at medicine.

engine arch

OrtoMedSport are medical offices that combine tradition and professionalism with innovative ways of treatment. The company is also very competitive in the market of rehabilitation, therefore the site had to present that spirit. I was asked to create a page that shared professional business look and at the same time remained accessible and easy to understand. As you can see the task has been completed and the customer is interested in further cooperation.

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Science is the key to power.


I am a technological subcontractor of interactive whiteboards for primary schools. It is a tool that enables learning through interaction - children learn with built-in quizzes, mini-games, crosswords, movies, etc. My job was to advise graphics and encode the front part of the tables. I used various technologies such as HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript, jQuery.

By Mimi is a company created in Lodz – the city of spinners.


ByMimi is a company engaged in the large-scale sale of clothes in UK. Their main priority is the quality of materials and of course the most crucial factor - the design. My task was to create a website of a quality comparable to the products they are selling. Therefore, I created a composition contrasting with shades of grey. In order to achieve this, I used technologies as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery.

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Executive producer of pots.


The Mz company adressed me with the task of creating a proffessional business-style webpage. Our competitors were mostly German companies, which websites are known worldwide for their style, clarity and top notch quality. The bar was raised higher than ever but I managed to achieve success. The entire site is based on Wordpress and fully manageable.

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Funtronic is a interactive educational tool.


While working with Made in Media, I created a full front-end HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and programmed a website in Wordpress. It is also fully manageable.

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Let me design a mature logo that you dream of and attract new clients with recognizable brand that will make other competitors envy you.

Even if you are not 100 percent sure about the best logo for you, I am sure you will know it when you will see it. I understand that the key factor is an appropriate matching. A matching to your needs and expectations. A matching to the fundamental business ideas and its environment. And finally - a matching to all projects elements that make the brands recognizable. Trust my skills and you will see it for yourself.

"Photography as a powerful medium of expression and communication offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and action."

In my work I try to use photos, which have a high power of expression and those that capture someone's feelings. While performing photo editing I always try to give them the best possible form.

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.”

Paul Rand


An avid graphic, twisted around codes and web designing. To feel alive, he needs motion - in order to be fundamentally good, it must be steady for him. Not boring, no routine, but the one that will not suddenly change direction and play against his own rules.

Graphic Design (graphic creation) is one of the most important elements of creating applications or promotional materials. A good graphic design can produce the desired emotional state in a split second. Graphic design is about finding new and unique form. Creating graphics is not just my job - it's also my passion. I want to be really proud of my materials and websites, that’s why I only offer top-notch graphic designs.


Graphic Designer


I wanted to work with computer graphics since I remember. I do it every single day now.

Upon finishing highschool I already found myself a job as a computer graphic designer in the printing office, and went through my college in the meantime. After completing bachelors' degree I tried to test myself as a network administrator, but then I realised... I still have a dream to fulfill. I decided to return to the things I do the best and currently I cooperate with various companies while designing computer graphics and webpages at top-notch level.

Adobe CC
User Interface
Wordpress and PHP